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Update: 8 Suites Tagaytay by Fat Jimmy’s

Because of my frustration for not having heard from 8 Suites even after our request fromt he front desk for feedback, I went on a witch hunt to try and get in touch with the owner or anybody from upper management. I was able to get the manila office number for Fat Jimmy’s and the reservations officer gave me the e-mail of the owner for feedback and concerns.

My e-mail was short and succint: I just said that I thought the management should know what’s going on in their hotel, and posted a link to my blog.

A week or so later, I got a call from a representative from 8 Suites. She asked for my home address so that they could send a personal signed letter of apology from the owner. She also informed me that they are also overhauling their breakfast service, and instead of Merk’s (blech) handling the breakfast, they already have an in-house kitchen taking care of it. Moreover, they are also constructing a breakfast deck where guests can have their meals. If i’m not mistaken, I think they’re also re-evaluating their relationship with the restaurant. I said I was glad that the issue has been addressed and that an apology and acknowledgment of the mistake was all we were really after. I thanked her and gave the address.

When H came back from the UK, I wasnt really surprised that the letter has not arrived yet, because I kinda knew that the maid hadn’t dropped by so there was nobody in to receive it. I texted 8 Suites to inform them that I hadn’t received teh letter yet, and the girl said that she would be informing her boss right away.

Saturday morning, I was being a proper slug in the living room when the doorbell rang. It was the hotel owner personally dropping the letter. I was able to chat with him a bit about the situation and I let him know that I thought it was a wise move to be taking responsibility for the breakfast themselves. He said that there have been numerous complaints about the food service that he had to pull breakfast out from Merk’s. Although it somewhat soured his relationship with the restaurant owner (which is a family friend), he said he had to protect his investment.

And I would have to agree. It’s always tricky to be entering business partnerships with friends because sometimes the liberty can be abused. Just because you’re friends with you’re business partner doesn’t give them the right to be lax in business practices, especially when there’s somebody else’s name on the line.

Anyway, the visit was greatly appreciated, and it showed me that the business does care about what their guests have to say, and that they actually did something about it. I showed H the letter and he said, “well that’s it really, now i’m willing to give it another chance.”

A simple apology goes a long way.

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