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The Farm at San Benito, Lipa Batangas

The Farm, view from the yoga area

The Farm at San Benito

119 Barangay Tipakan
4217 Lipa City, Batangas
+63 2 696 3795

We were given an overnight package to The Farm at San Benito by a good friend that we “adopted” in the house while he was condo-hunting. I knew that The Farm was uber expensive and the information I had on this place was limited to a) Woodsy Harrelson’s visit and b) it was a detox / meditative place.

The Farm is well-hidden from the highway, and upon managing narrow modest residential areas and patches of dirt road, it seemed almost a mirage to be seeing a well-manicured garden with burbling fountains past the imposing gate to The Farm.

After a brief consultation with the front desk wherein which we were given a map pointing out the restaurant, yoga area, our room and massage area, we were shown to our lovely hut. It was small with two single beds, but utterly charming. It was like an Ifugao Fale, the bottom part was a quaint stone-walled bathroom (which meant you had to go out and down everytime you had to use the loo) with an adjacent lounging area complete with mattress and huge throw pillows.

Aside from the slight musty scent from the beddings, I didn’t really have anything to complain about. We had fresh fruits waiting for us, very basic really, no TVs or anything but then again this was really what The Farm was about. There were umbrellas and flashlights by the door, just in case.

The package was complete with 3 course vegan meals in the restaurant. I can’t really recall exactly what we were served, but i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I was quite scared of how bland the food were going to be, but I was quite mistaken. Now I know why they have a decorated chef.

Ok the food was fabulous but i’m not so sure if I can go beyond 3 days eating this stuff. I just found myself chewing slower and slower with each course (especially during dinner) and having difficulty swallowing the thick vegetable based concoctions. Prior to going, some people have written reviews about just being sick of the food after a day. I totally understood. It wasn’t bad, it was just not for a sworn carnivore like me.

We spent the day just roaming around the grounds it was huge and sprawling, with rugged areas around the back which sort of marries with the tangled and untamed mountain flora. We swam in the big pool, but also had a quiet and relaxed Adam and Eve moment at the “secret” lagoon, which was cool. There were a lot of meditation huts around, which made me mildly curious about taking that up.

The Farm is definitely not a place for children, they would be absolutely bored to their wits. This is more a place for singles looking for some peace and quiet and couples looking for some quality, private alone time. One of the highlights of the trip would probably have to be the massage we got, in a gorgeous couple’s massage room looking out over a pond, the sound of small croaking frogs in their lily pads clearly heard. My masseuse has distractingly small hands, and her touch was light as a feather (I like more pressure in my massage), while H says that was probably the best massage he’s ever had in his entire life. When we walked out, it was already dark, and all we had to do was change out of our robes before dinnertime.

You have be with someone you really like on this trip as you will be forced in closed quarters to each other because there’s not much else to do if you’re not into the new-age stuff. Also, during nighttime, don’t forget your flashlights because there could be quite a few power outages which could be a bit scary if you’re walking in the middle of the resort.

Overall a pleasant experience, but i’m sure I would’ve gone crazy if I had to stay more than 3 days here. As soon as we were out the gate, I pulled out the emergency Cheetos I had in my bag and made H stop over in a sari-sari store so I could down a bottle of Coke.

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  1. Fatima B Ramos permalink
    February 14, 2011 6:01 am

    you mean there is no television? and foods are not allowed inside?

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