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That Chinese Restaurant in Camia St. Makati

You Jie Xiao Chao Chinese restaurant, 6404 Camia St., Guadalupe Viejo

So far, I’ve eaten at this resto twice, first time when I was having a weird case of perpetual clogged nose (so I could hardly taste my food) then again a few weeks ago because I wanted to give it another try. The first time we ate there for the life of me I couldn’t tell what the name of the restaurant was because it was in Chinese. It was funny because we all had our theory as to what the name of the place was. Jess’s was “I think it has no name, I think it’s just called a Chinese restaurant”. But I pointed out to the sign on the wall in Chinese saying that I thought it must translate into the name of the resto (unless it read “no spitting”).

So I called over one of the waitresses and asked her what the restaurant’s name was. She gives me a blank look and I actually heard the swish of the tumbleweed that just ran across the space between her ears. 5 seconds later, Woodsy jokes “is it your first day?”, after which she giggles, runs to the kitchen and gives us calling cards.

Anyhoo, the card is in my bag and i’m much too comfortable here in the couch to get it so that will have to wait. The food couldn’t exactly be classified as fabulous, but it had a very authentic zing to it (especially being surrounded mostly by chinese expats/immigrants/illegal immigrants). Definitely tasty, definitely NOT for one who watches his health.

Kung Bao / Pao chicken and dumplings

Zifan beef - strong cumin taste - sorry for the half-eaten state

Dried beef stir fry - smoky

Washed down with Tsing Tao

Price range is about 100-300 per dish which is good for sharing. Personal favorites are the stir fry green beans, and the dumplings! From EDSA-Estrella, turn right on the second street, then left on the first. It’s that place with the glass door to the right. No signage.

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  1. Marco De Leon permalink
    January 2, 2013 1:21 pm

    is the place safe especially at night? what about parking

    Yep, safe and you just park in front if there’s free space on the street

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