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Punta de Uian, Pundaquit, Bgy. San Antonio, Zambales

Phone / Contact numbers:

0918 800 8426 / 0918 – 888 – UIAN

(47) 252 2692

Punta de Uian lobby

I’ve been making some research about Pundaquit resorts before H and I left for Zambales to seek the mystical shores of Anawangin. One noteworthy resort kept on coming up, Punta de Uian. I have read that this is supposed to be prnounced “OO-YAN” while I think I should be “Uwian”, which makes more sense don’t you think?

Ok let me backtrack: I have read during my research that this resort won’t exactly come cheap and seeing pictures online, it seemed justifiable. So I diligently searched for other possible accommodations and these always came up: Megan’s, Canoe and Ferriols residence, although it was only Canoe that came up with decent pictures. I tried to make reservations, but I was told that they were already booked for the weekend. We tried anyway when we got to Pundaquit, but no luck, they were full.

I actually had a backup reservation with Megan’s so we proceeded there. Megan’s. If nightmare became a resort, it would be Megan’s. This sh*thole of a resort is so ridiculous (they charge 2500 for the room of doom that they were offering) it deserves a separate entry.

To cut a long story short, we turned down the room and went in search of more decent accommodation, but going down the narrow alley leading to other resorts, it’s just one disappointment after another.

H and I were tired, we wanted to catch the sun, so I said, ok, let’s just head to the new resort and followed the signs to Punta de Uian. More than a few stretches of dirt roads after, we finally arrived. Here are the rates they gave us:

Standard Rooms – 3,410.00

Garden View Rooms – 3,850.00

Mountain View Rooms – 4,180.00

Single Deluxe Rooms – 4,400.00

Double Deluxe Rooms – 5,500

Suite – 6,600.00

Family Villa – 11,000.00

We were told that the cheapest room available was the single deluxe and after seeing the room we decided to take it. It was on the second floor, the room was clean, nicely decorated, the bathroom was superb and the clincher: it had a balcony which opened to a view of the sea, Capones and Camara Island. When you go out, you also get a bonus view of the mountain.

So Punta de Uian’s claim to fame is being used as location for some Marimar scenes. While undoubtedly, it is the best resort around the area, my review will be a little less than glowing.

RATES : Extortionate. The room was great but sorry I just dont think it’s worth 4,400, I mean we’re not exactly in Boracay are we?

THE BEACH: Very steep beach, not exactly made for swimming. Light surfing maybe ( I actually saw Paolo Soler and his surf buddies on our way out), and the sand was gray. Waves and depth not safe for kids.

THE RESORT GROUNDS: Quite weird.. the architect must have been high on meth when he designed this. That or the owner’s 12 year-old did it. There didnt seem to be much order on the building layouts, the rest areas, our balcony afforded a view of the looming roof to the right. It was like one thing piled on top of another. It wasn’t exactly ugly. Just weird and visually noisy. Like the Gazebo on top of the pool. I mean, come on, why did you have to ruin a perfectly nice pool by putting a gazebo in there?

The looming roof to our right

THE FOOD: Was okay, just a notch above typical resort food. At least the presentation was good. Word of warning: you’ll be in the middle of nowhere so you’ll have no choice but to dine here. They have an extensive menu though, fusion. I ordered pasta (which is actually good for 2 people), white sauce with mushrooms, not half-bad bt a little too buttery. H had jalapeno sandwich, it was decent enough. Tip: bring your own drinks, chips etc. Your room fridge will be stacked, but you only have 2 complimentary small water bottles and everything else is expensive. I think a bag of Cheetos came up to almost P200. There was complimentary breakfast, my longganisa was cold and they they decided to change H’s hash browns with toast without telling him (which they had to change back because he said “if you’re gonna change it you have to tell me”. He was so looking forward to hash browns).

THE ROOM: There’s a nice toiletry set waiting for you in the bathroom, toothbrush set, comb, soap, shampoo and even a sewing kit. TV’s with cable, room had phone. My only gripe is that the blanket is way too flimsy and short and we only had two pillows. I wish they could have at least put on some comforter in there or at the very least thicker and bigger blankets. We had a tug of war going on in the middle of the night. With the rates they’re charging, shouldn’t these comforts be included? Would it be too much to ask for two pillows apiece or at least bigger, nicer, firmer ones? Oh and another thing, the corridor floors were laid with wood-laminate, I guess management didn’t really have the foresight to realize that a lot of people will be walking with wet feet. Result: it’s peeling all over second floor.

It was an overall pleasant stay, thanks to the fabulous view. The only sad thing was we didn’t get to go to Anawangin boo-hoo because the waves were too damn strong, and our contact boatman (Florante – 09108053388 – please leave a comment here if you do decide to use his services please?) said it might be too dangerous. H asked if I wanted us to stay another day, but I just thought the weather was acting up, we couldn’t go to Anawangin anyway, so why spend another 4,400.  We just headed to Subic for lunch then back to Manila.


– Punta de Uian charges by the hour for boats (1,100/hr max of 5 pax for Anawangin, 770/hr for Camara and 880/hr for Capones) so better contact independent boatmen who will charge just about 1,200 for combo trips.

– Check-in time is 2pm and check-out is 12pm

– SCTEX is the way to go, nice roads, quicker travel time

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  1. February 24, 2010 6:44 am

    we loved the food here, especially the service!!!

  2. Alan Oliver permalink
    April 20, 2010 1:29 pm

    I don’t agree with you about Megan’s Resort…you have to judge it against other resorts in the Philippines and l have come across far far worst …just try Crystal Beach in San Narciso now that is a shit hole. Five star resorts are few and far between. Megan’s have many stars of screen and television, like Anne Curtis and Sam Milby with TV and film companies that go back time and time again to film there. Should l pass your message on, that they are filming in a’ shit hole’. Why would these professionals do that? Please tell me, are you saying they are stupid or lacking good taste.
    There is a good resort just opened in Botolan just north of San Antonio, it is well worth trying, called Kawayan Farm Resort. I like the setting and the place is well run with nice cooking and a decent variety of it.

    • sugarhigh37 permalink*
      April 20, 2010 4:31 pm

      Thanks for being a civilized comment poster.

      However I would argue that when the film studios actually film there, I doubt if it is because of the desirability or beauty of the place. Its probably because they can rent the whole place for the crew, film in the beachfront which seems authentically like how a fishing community will look, while the stars and director will sleep in Punta de Uian. So for your question, I would say that they are being practical as a production outfit.

      Thanks for the tip, i’d definitely research on Kawayan, hopefully its good value for money!

  3. Alan Oliver permalink
    April 20, 2010 11:26 pm

    Yes, l accept your reasoning, it does make sense. Megan’s own a secluded bay, you can only get to it by a boat. You travel round a cliff face and that is very beautiful. Although one thing l noticed is there are no birds on the cliff? Megan’s were planning to turn their private Bay into a secluded area with more classy accommodation…

    Kawayan Farm Resort, Botolan near Iba, Zambales… l mentioned before…l have some prices so you can judge for yourself.

    Cottage de luxe 2 bed ceiling fan shower/toilet, kitchen, patio P3,500 for 8-10 persons Mar/Apr…it drops by P1000 in May to Oct. Also

    Large Family Family House big room with Double bed extra beds available, aircon, shower/toilet terrace overlooks fish pond fishing when available. Includes use of swimming pool, Mar/Apr P3,500 for 4 persons. Less by P500 May/Oct

    It’s clean and secluded. Very nice. I have a picture…

    • eli permalink
      April 23, 2010 4:30 am

      hi , can you send me the pics of megan’s (if u have) and also the kawayan.. we are looking for a good place to hang out this month of May. Big thanks =))

      • sugarhigh37 permalink*
        April 27, 2010 4:36 pm

        Sorry I don’t have any for either one

    • John permalink
      July 5, 2011 10:27 am

      Hi Alan,

      Could you please send me a photo of kawayan farm resort at botolan zambales. thanks… john

  4. CARD INC. ZAMBALES AREA permalink
    February 21, 2011 4:02 am

    Hello Good day,

    Mam/ Sir may I Ask for your assistance, to get the computation of complete package for accommodation of 160 Pax(persons) for 2 days and 2 nights starting March 11-12, 2011 , including the function hall, rooms and meals.

    thank you so much….

    • sugarhigh37 permalink*
      February 21, 2011 4:34 pm

      I’m not in any way connected with Punta, please get in touch directly with them.

      Why do I keep getting these queries?!?

    • reynald permalink
      May 31, 2011 8:29 am

      hi. mam/sir delayed ko n nbsa questions nyo …fro any inquiries/assistance about ressort reservation& boating services pls contact me any time price is negotiable…09069444388
      hi admin pls allow me to post this..tnx…
      have a nice day ahead..

  5. reynald permalink
    June 1, 2011 2:40 am

    hi po..if you need any assistnce regrding evrything in pundaquit
    (boating/rooms reservation/surfing/trek/tourguide/summer activities/campsites) just call me anytime 09069444388….

    • sugarhigh37 permalink*
      June 1, 2011 3:04 am

      Sure, thanks. Here’s a phone number for a pundaquit boatman slash tour guide everyone. I haven’t used his service before so feel free to leave a review on your experience.

  6. reynald permalink
    June 8, 2011 7:18 am

    tanx po mam f u need my servce just call me nlng din po..godbless

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