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Manos Greek Taverna Tagaytay

Manos Greek Taverna

Calamba Road (Main Highway), Bgy. San Jose, Tagaytay City

Manos Greek Taverna
Manos Greek Taverna

With nothing to do on a Sunday, we decided on impulse to go to drive all the way to Tagaytay to try this Greek resto that I heard of and have coffee in a slightly cooler weather. Manos Greek Taverna I read, is owned by a Greek man and his Filipina wife (who is actually an Ilocana, transplanted in Tagaytay).

We made the mistake on going there during the lunch-rush when the place is jam-packed and I couldn’t find a spare space where I could park. Out of the crazyness in the highway, a foreigner dripping with sweat knocked on my window and offered to park my car. I knew instantly it was Manos.

Upon getting out of the car I was already assaulted by the smell of meats being roasted. Inside, it was jam-packed, but we were lucky enough to be seated as soon as we stepped in. Within a few seconds, Manos came in and handed me my car keys and apologized for the place being too crazy busy.

meat roasting area to the left
meat roasting area to the left
Manos interior
Manos interior
Manos interior
Manos interior

It was a no-frills restaurant which was fine. The only thing that bothered me was the number of flies buzzing around. I actually had to ask for a lit candle in the hopes that the flies would pass on our table because of it. I hope they have the fly-zapper thing soon.

First on my list to order of course is the greek salad, while H ordered the taramasalata (which surprisingly didn’t come with pita bread). I was happy with the salad and I thought I tasted sukang iloko (confirmed after i found out that the wife is an Ilokana). H thought it was okay, but while it wasn’t exceptional, I thought it was decent. H was a little annoyed that the taramasalata didn’t have any pita with the order, and he wasn’t entirely hapy with the dish either.

I ordered ground lamb patty with potatoes for my mains, and since H wasn’t hungry, we just shared. It was.. well, dry. I couldn’t appreciate it too much because it wasn’t moist and hot. Maybe if it was made fresher, it would have been better.

To give an idea on the prices:

Lemonade / iced tea – 30.00

Taramasalata – 100.00

Ground lamb – 210.00

Greek salad – 180.00 (now that i’m reviewing the receipt, I think this is a bit too much)

Pita bread – 60.00

Greek salad
Greek salad and taramasalata
Ground lamb pattie
Ground lamb pattie
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  1. December 12, 2011 8:56 am

    soooooooooooooo nice there

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