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Great budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown area

Hotel Chinatown Inn

No. 52-54, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

June this year was my first time in Kuala Lumpur. We planned to stop in KL after our India trip for three days en route to Manila. We had a bit of a quandary about where to check-in, with choices ranging from the higher end ones (H was okay to splurge, but i’d rather spend the money for the hotels in shopping and stay in a budget accommodation) to mid-range.

We were already leaving India and we still haven’t resolved where to go stay in KL so we agreed that his tried-and-tested budget accommodation is where we were gonna stay. He couldn’t remember what the name is at first, but he said that he knows the location by heart, having stayed there a number of times in the past. H said it was decent, but that a) it was small b) it was basic. Sounds perfect.

Anyhoo, after landing in the airport from Chennai we rode the Air Asia buses that go straight to the train station in KL proper. H promised that it was very near, and that we only had to walk a short distance from the station and we’re already at Chinatown. We hopped on the train (I love nice trains!) and went down at Pasar Seni, which is only a few meters away from Chinatown. We weaved through the bazaar stalls (greenhills-y) and found the hotel that was tucked in the sidewalk beside a clothing store.

We went up the narrow stairway to the reception. The only decision we had to make was: did we want a room with a window or not? They only had two available rooms with windows and we checked both. The one on the third floor had a window, but quite pointless given that the view was of a wall. The one on the fifth floor was perfect, it opened out to a view of crazy Chinatown, albeit a little noisy. We paid 99 ringgits for this room, which is about 30 dollars or 1,400 pesos.

view from our room

view to the right

It was nicer than I expected, with the bedside walls painted red and candy-striped curtains. There were even a few fake potted plants in the shelf above our beds that was a really nice touch. There was also a fridge which was convenient.

The bathroom was small but it was clean and it had a cold/hot shower. I was really happy because I was ready to crash and I really wanted a hassle-free place to stay. Suffice to say that the hotel met my expectations.

Hotel Chinatown Inn

That afternoon after a few minutes of rest, we decided to treat ourselves with (drumroll please).. FASTFOOD. I was soooo happy to see fastfood after more than a week of eating curry. Going back down to the reception, I noticed that they had internet stations which they rent out for 1 ringgit for 10 minutes.

We ended up at KFC at Central Market, and didn’t stay out too late since we badly needed good sleep. When we got back, another point for HCI, the room was made up and we had fresh towels. I was amazed and mentioned to H, wide eyed: “they cleaned the room…”

He said, “Yes, even cheap hotel rooms have housekeeping services…” :p

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