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Dermstrata Microdermabrasion

No, that's not me
No, that’s not me

Women are weird creatures, we can be deathly afraid of leeches, spiders, or any benign creature, but we will willingly subject ourselves to the torture of having a facial. If you are one of the legions of women who pay a visit to the facialist every so often, welcome to my site, my sadomasochistic friend. The thought of having an injection is enough to drain the blood out of my head (which is why I have been served a memo for skipping the annual physical exams), which is why its odd how I can take the pain of being pricked and prodded (repeatedly!) all in the name of beauty.

Anyway, I was long overdue for a facial so I decided to swing by Dermstrata to get a session of microdermabrasion (Price: 1,250 for 1 session, promo price: 2,700 for three sessions, 5,950 for 7 sessions). I really think that Dermstrata offers the best deal available out there. As far as diamond peels are concerned, I have tried Mendez Medical Clinic (Main at Tel. no. +63 (2) 635-2577, SM Fairview Branch +63(2)9377453), Let’s Face It  (+63(2)8075411), and Godiva (+63(2)8365801). Mind you, these phone numbers are just for one of the many branches, but I think any inquiry can be answered by any representative.

Okay, let’s compare. My very first diamond peel was with Mendez, and the reason why I chose the clinic back in 2004 was because the procedure was done only by dermatologists, not facialists. I felt secure in knowing that a Dr. and not a Ms. was going to be scraping my face. I availed of the combo package, which was the Diamond-slash-Rosy peel, which basically meant that you will only have one ply of skin left between your raw flesh and the world. After a light facial (done by a facialist), layers of your skin will be scraped off by the wand (with suction), then as if this doesn’t sound painful enough, industrial strength peeling agent will be applied to your ravaged skin, enough to make you violently jerk on the table. Ah, the price of beauty. The whole procedure took over an hour, and cost 2,500 at the time. I’m guessing they have gone up a bit, but due to the recession, I wouln’t be surprised if the price is still the same. I was happy with Mendez, but I don’t know, Dermstrata just seemed to be the more logical choice. Maybe its because they have Sexbomb and that tacky Pauleen Luna as endorsers. Just too masa for my taste.

Let’s Face It, I say let’s dump it. I don’t know if I was just unlucky because it seems like the machine they used on me was the prototype, but I felt like wood being sanded down. The grains were not very fine! I think they could use that machine for filing nails when it’s not in use. ‘Nuf said.

As for Godiva, turn around and just spend your 700++ on a nice piece of clothing. They might be cheap but the service will reflect that exactly. No pampering whatsoever, it was like a love-less quickie! The facialist will ask you to lie on a table and go straight to doing microdermabrasion, without any TLC. I felt used and abused; don’t you have any feelings for me at all Godiva?  Screw Godiva, I’d rather pay extra and have the works.

Ok now going to Dermstrata. I think it’s worth my 1,250 pesos to get a facial, a mask, and even a bonus back massage towards the end of the session. First, they apply a medley of concoctions on your face to wash it down and soften it up (the marinating phase), then they steam you for about 15-30 minutes depending on how many clients they have at that moment (the dimsum phase), then they do the most painful part of the procedure, the facial (the torture part), then they a few rounds of microdermabrasion and then another mix of balm on your face then this cold rotating metal thingie over your face (to close pores and have redness subside i’m told), then another balm and you’re good. Right before you jump out the table, a nice back massage. I think that justifies 1,250 doesn’t it?

I like it that unlike other facial centers, i’ve never once felt like the facialists are rushing to finish their job out of the three times I’ve used their service. But I do think that for best service, you should go on weekdays when there are less people. Weekends tend to be crazy, and thus longer waiting time. A person can only take so much Celine Dion and cricket sounds.

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  1. Gia permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:41 am

    i love you article. :] thanks!

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