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Coconut Grill, Capas, Tarlac — Great stopover in the North

Coconut Grill

Along the National (McArthur) Highway

Capas, Tarlac (before Hacienda Luisita)

(045) 985 0045 / 0920 945 1183

Too much food!

Some months ago, I went for a site inspection and government coordination with the sourcing and TA teams at Tarlac. While sadly, the plans for our office there didn’t push through, I did discover this delightful restaurant in Capas that’s perfect for any stopover.

I’ve eaten here twice, the first time with the Marketing team and then again with this second batch. I was the one who actually recommended that we eat there despite the hesitation of our “guest” from city hall.

Coconut Grill is a big sprawling events place and restaurant in one. There is a big open area where ducks and geese roam freely, as well as a big tent where I imagine events take place, and a pool. There’s also a pond facing the dining area, and individual huts for those who would like to dine outdoors.

The food are always cooked fresh, so expect a waiting time of about 15 minutes before the orders come out. That first time, we ordered the usual fare: sisig, sinigang na sugpo, lechon kawali, and upon the recommendation of the waiter, pancit buko. This “pansit” is their specialty, where the traditional egg noodles are replaced by buko strips.

Pansit buko

a/c dining hall with a view of the pond

The two times i’ve eaten here were very pleasant experiences. It wasn’t crowded, the waiters and waitresses were presentable and courteous. Plus of course, it helped that the food wasn’t expensive at all. The last time, we ordered the salu-salu combo (with a couple of side orders) which actually consisted of eight different stuff for only 1,200.00 (unlimited rice). There were seven of us, and there was a lot left to spare that we took home in doggie bags.

I like it when Filipino restaurants get it right. I hope people coming from Manila going up north check this place out, you won’t be disappointed.

Tilapia and sinigang na ulo-ulo

To give you an idea of the prices (a la carte):

Sinigang Ulo-ulo – 175.00

Sinigang na sugpo – 225.00

Bulalo – 195.00

Sisig Kapampangan – 140.00

Pansit buko – 185.00

Lechon Kawali – 185.00

Bihon Guisado – 105.00

Juices are at 35.00, while shakes are at 55.00

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