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Cheap as chips fab & healthy meals courtesy of Baguio Market!

I love Baguio market, I wish we had veggies as fresh AND cheap here in Manila booohooo! I went market crazy when we decided to have a nice home-cooked dinner at my friend’s tita’s apartment where we were staying. Made pasta bolognese, salad and sauteed veg, and they were a hit!

I got fresh:

  • sweet beets (which funnily enough the stall owner spelled as “sweet bits”) for about 40 pesos (2 pieces)
  • 1/4 kilo of the sweeeeetest cherry tomatoes for 25 pesos (which is more than I needed so we made another batch for the next day
  • too much watercress for 10 pesos
  • 2 pieces cucumber for 10 pesos
  • a bag of baby corn for 20 pesos
  • half kilo of button mushrooms for 60 pesos
  • Zucchini (pasalubong for H) 2 pieces for 5 pesos (a vendor at the market entrance spelled it “sukine”)

For the salad, I made a greek dressing (lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, salt, sugar and oregano) and added feta cheese (Apetina, but I still like Santi’s feta better). I also like shallots / red onions in my salad for that extra zing.

For the veg, I just sauteed them in garlic and butter. It was a great night spent chatting and eating good food in the 17 degree Baguio air 🙂

Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, watercress & beetroot salad

Sauteed baby corn and fresh button mushrooms

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