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UPDATED: 8 Suites Tagaytay by Fat Jimmy — Much improved from last time

The first time we stayed at 8 Suites in Tagaytay I was so disappointed because the hotel was great and it held a lot of promise, but was being run by untrained staff and was cursed by a hideous food service (Merk’s). We were graciously invited by the owner Mr. Garcia to see the changes they have made to the hotel since, and I must say that now it is a place that I could wholeheartedly refer my friends and family to.

Longer entry coming up, but for now i’ll say that Merk’s is gone, there’s a new breakfast deck and the food has been improved much (at least the breakfast came on time and was not as cold as the Tagaytay air!)

Goodnight for now!


Its just too bad that 8 Suites has followed the direction that most local hotels / b&b take: let’s overprice and underdeliver.  It’s sad because I think the location is great if you came out of Manila for some R&R — secluded, high up, romantic and surrounded by greens. However at 7,000 a night average (weekend), 8 Suites is  waaay overpriced especially when you consider how their staff are like headless chickens.

The rooms were great. The bathroom was great with the bath and the sliding doors which lets you watch the flat screen TV or take in the view outside while in the tub. One huge wall though, was bare. It could use some artwork really. We were happy with the view not knowing about the mini-nightmare about to unfold before us.

I should’ve known, the restaurant was Merk’s. Seriously, how could I have expected anything more from a resto owned by Richard Merck. There is a reason why this restaurant is a joke.

We ordered crispy tadyang and pancit bihon that night. Lo and behold, the food was cold. Fine, alright we can live with the food because it was too much of a hassle to take it back. The ribs were dry, and my pancit seemed like it came from the fridge, stuck in the microwave and heated for 40 seconds. Some bits were hot, some were cold. I don’t understand since it took them 30 minutes to deliver our food and as the hotel’s name implies, there are only 8 suites. 8 suites = 8 rooms. Get it?

Ok this is where it starts: after the meal I ordered hot chocolate (from Tanauan supposedly). When it came, it was thick and goopy and just overall gross.
I decided to drink it anyway because it would’ve been a waste of 120 pesos. A few gulps into it, i bit onto something chewy that tasted grossly similar to onion. Have you tried onion with chocolate? Didn’t think so.

I couldn’t finish it. I gave up halfway.

The next morning we were waiting for breakfast. H reminded me to call them to remind them to heat the food properly because he doesn’t want to eat cold eggs. I called again, asked nicely to heat the food and not let it be like last night, to which the guy replied,  “yes man, yes mam, yes mam”.

After five minutes, I realized I should have the pancit bihon leftover reheated so I called again, and this time a girl answered “yes mam, yes mam, yes mam, breakfast will be served in 10-15 minutes”.

more than 20 minutes whizzed by and no food. I called to follow up. Then I called again. After more than 30 minutes of waiting, the food comes in.

THE FOOD WAS F-ING COLD. I could feel the blood rising up in my face. The bihon was not there. The coffee tasted like shit.

I was so mad that H had to take over (and he’s usually the hothead). We called reception and asked to speak to the manager. No manager. Just send anyone!

Finally kitchen OIC and the girl who took my order came in. We spelled out our complaints and about how they basically did the total opposite of what we requested. I said “didn’t I call specifically to ask that the bihon be reheated, and it’s not here, the food is cold after I called to ask that it be heated properly.” The kitchen OIC had the gall to offer an excuse: Tagaytay is cold and the food gets cold before serving. What, do you cook the  food then leave it out in the veranda before serving? This is no excuse. Do you hear me Richard Merck and Fat Jimmy? That is no excuse.

After being told off by H about how its unacceptable that theyre charging such an exorbitant amount and this is the service they give, they apologized and headed out to reheat the food. I said could you please bring salt & pepper and a couple of glasses of water when you come back.

She came back with the salt and pepper and asked if I needed anything else, to which I blankly replied “water.” Un-believ-able.

The eggs were still cold. H gave up and just ate the bruised banana with a toothpick stuck to it. We paid 7,000 for the goddamn room.

We checked out and I let him handle the talking because I would’ve cried at the reception area. He wrote a survey form demanding an apology for having ruined what was supposed to be a special day for us. He left his contact number, email address to at least give them a chance to redeem themselves. To this day, nothing. No reply whatsoever. It’s the equivalent of management sticking their fingers up at us saying we don’t give a flying fuck about your feedback.

Before we left we settled the bills of course. It doesn’t end there. When H checked the calculations, they shortchanged us 500.00 and they had to give it back after H threw the change down at the counter saying “this is ridiculous, you couldn’t even do the change!”

The worst thing about this whole experience is that they really just didn’t bother to offer any sort of formal apology, even after we practically begged for it. I’m led to believe that this group of hotels doesn’t have a marketing team, or worse, they have baboons on that team. I found out about 8 Suites online, and decided to stay here because T House and The Botique had bad reviews. Now this too has a bad review, and they dont seem to realize the power of bloggers to bring or retract business.

BTW, there was an annoying constant water dropping sound by the aircon which we chose to just ignore for the rest of the morning. And a door kept on slamming somewhere in the basement. And a loud undisciplined kid kept on screaming next door. How’s that for a vacation, 8 suites?

Verdict? Stay away from this hotel. You’re probably better off at Discovery Country Suites or Taal Vista.

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  1. March 18, 2011 4:40 am

    …and I was thinking of booking a room here. I think I’ll ditch that idea, then.

    • sugarhigh37 permalink*
      April 20, 2011 5:23 am

      Hi Hanna, the rooms are great, you should still try it and form your opinion based on your own experience. They have improved vastly between out two visits, the last being a year ago.. I’d like to think they’ve made much more improvements from then. It is a pretty special spot away from the craziness of the rest of Tagaytay. Bring your own food/snacks/wine though. I can’t vouch for their resto.

      • May 26, 2011 4:46 am

        Is it way off the highway?

      • sugarhigh37 permalink*
        May 26, 2011 4:18 pm

        Yes it is, you need to drive to the direction of People’s Park to get to 8 Suites in Tagaytay, then after a few km’s you enter a residential village which leads to the direction of the lake. It’s perched atop a sort of a hill, all by itself with a view of the lake. It’s opposite a pineapple patch and its situated on a field of tall grass. I think there should be signs along the road, we didn’t really get lost even the first time. You could find a map on their website too. My tip would be to again, bring your own food, wine or beer, snacks, DVDs, and to count your change before leaving so you can be sure the staff didn’t shortchange you. You’d enjoy the rooms at 8 Suites very much they’re very elegant with big plush beds and your own balcony with unobstructed views where you can catch the sunrise or sunset… the food lang talaga you don’t have a choice because it’s a drive away from the city center. I don’t know if they’ve made improvements on the food again since our last visit.

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