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Mabuhay Dive Center, Sabang, Puerto Galera

April 20, 2010

Pool immediately outside our room

Our second day at Sabang we were able to transfer to AB Mabuhay Dive Center from Portofino , leaving our dark and dank room behind for something bright and sunny.

The room was very basic but it was smack in front of the pool which was nice. A group of children were already splashing about when we came in and I told H that it was already promising to be a noisy day. We got settled in (and I noticed that my wallet was missing, but that’s another story, and no I never did find it) and the odd thing I noticed was that the bathroom was separated from the room not by a wall, but like big slabs of bamboo. In short, if one of us would have answered the call of nature, the person on the bed would be able to carry on a face to face conversation. To add to that, the aircon was directly above the toilet. Odd.

Room was ok enough, but layout was weird. Notice where the bathroom is.

Anyway, overall it was still much more pleasant than Portofino . They also didn’t charge us holiday rates which was awesome, and moreover, the receptionist gave us a 15% discount. H got his lounge chair and big pool. The restaurant also opened up to the beach, we had a patch of sand away from the public traffic. The receptionists were also very friendly and accommodating as well as the waitresses. One of them I called chirpy chappy because she wad this laugh that sounded like a bird’s, and I imagined her to fly away after a hearty laugh (i.e. H: “do you have banana AND mango shake” her: “Yes, hihihihihihtweettweettweet”).

It was also funny because they had two patrol bulldogs, one of which was blind and kept running into coconut trees and chairs. The second night we stayed there, we were mulling over drinks and I must have ordered 2 cocktails that they said were not available. I tried ordering the B-52, but they said yet again, unavailable. I asked, “do you have Bailey’s?” she answered “Yes”. I said, “well, on second though maybe I’d have Kahlua instead, you have Kahlua?”, “Yes we have”. Seeing that they had these two I assumed “, “ah so you mean you don’t have Grand Marnier” to which she answered “yes, we have!”.

So why didn’t they have B-52 then?? She said “we don’t know how to make it…” Gotta love em (depending on your mood!)

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