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Lush Tea Tree Water Toner works … NOT

October 22, 2009
What does this actually do?

What does this actually do?

Ok, so that’s probably not the most mature title, I know, but it pretty much sums up what I want to say.

Last Christmas, this gigantic bottle was given to H by one of his students and of course, being a guy’s guy, he wouldn’nt have anything to do with the toner (probably doesn’t even know what a toner does). Me, being a sucker for any facial stuff, happily skipped with the bottle to the bathroom and gave it a try.

Um.. it just felt like water. Tap water. Which smelled a bit like tea tree.

Not refreshing. Detoxifying? Not so sure. Clears blemishes? I dunno, it barely cleansed my skin cos its so WATER-Y. Crazy because it’s so expensive in the shops, its really doesn’t feel or smell or do anything special.

Ditch it. You’d be better off with spritzing peppermint foot spray on your face.

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