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Dulcinea, You Suck.

July 20, 2009

Okay, in the first place i’m not much of a Dulcinea fan aside from the churros (but I couldn’t even discount the fact that their churros are much too oily). Earlier today, I went to Dulcinea in SM Fairview to buy hot choco because Starbucks was being renovated. BIG MISTAKE.

1) I was surprised to see the girl pour into my cup the chocolate that was supposed to be for the churros. Now i’d understand if this was one and the same. But could they at least have separate containers for the curros dip and the chocolate DRINK? I don’t know, it’s just the psychological aspect of it, I don’t wanna think of drinking DIP.

2) The waitresses just seem so clueless! No greetings whatsoever, and they just take their jolly sweet time. And this girl actually put the STYRO cup in the microwave. I told her to get it out. Some would assume it’s safe but polystyrene cups have a low melting point and I don’t wanna think about the chemicals that would enter my body if it happens to leech into my drink.

3) When I came back to the office I transferred the choco into my mug, and it looked disgusting. Like runny dinuguan. I even had to spit out some pulp that liiked like a sugar cane bit.


What a fucking waste of 55.00. I should have gone to French Baker instead or Red Ribbon. Up to this hour, i’m trying to swallow a little of it because for one my heart is really set on having hot choco (and you RUINED the experience for me DULCINEA), and I don’t really wanna hand over my 55.00 just like that. Grrr. I wish they’d already shut down!

Oh and by the way, nobody has the right to charge 30 FUCKING PESOS FOR A SINGLE PIECE OF YEMA!

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