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Malacca Yes, Malacca No?

May 11, 2009

The first time I ate at Malacca Restaurant in Jupiter Street Makati, I was with H, which was about a couple of months ago and then again with Sue, just last Saturday. I’ve been raving about the food to all of my friends who would care to listen, especially the roti canai (220.00 chanai on the menu), and I was really excited to go back and try the other food they offered on their menu.

That first time we also had chicken satay, not with peanut sauce like the usual, but a tamarind-y, ginger-y sauce which was also lovely but a tad expensive (330.00); nasi goreng (220.00), a favorite of mine when I went for a vacation in Indonesia. Malacca’s was a bit dry, and in my opinion could use a bit of toning down when it came to the hotness, but still flavorful. Anyhoo, it was the roti that made the biggest impression on me, nicely done, soft and stringy perfectly paired with the chickpea (it might have been lentils.. can’t really remember) curry. H was also very happy with the teh tarik (milk tea, 60.00), and I was too. We ordered both hot and cold.

Anyhoo, a few days ago, I went back with Sue (another good friend, Troy, was also there in a separate group based on my suggestion). She wasn’t really hungry so she opted to order finger food hence the satay. I was salivating for roti, but it turned out that they were out of it. I was so disappointed, if it’s such a big seller (and I believe it is), they should keep it well in stock. One point lost for Malacca. I asked the waiter to leave the menu with me, and I probably spent another ten minutes over it after I decided to have the Hainanese chicken rice (220.00).

After about 20 minutes and the satay was almost wiped off, I made a follow-up to the waiter for the Hainanese chicken. He looked at his order list, asked who I ordered it from and I said, “um, you?” It wasn’t on his list. I think I might have ordered it in my head, which was funny. But the thing was, he said they also didn’t have it that night. Two points lost for Malacca.

Anyway, to summarize, I was happy on my first visit, and really disappointed during my next. To top it off, when we got down to parking, I forgot to have my receipt validated and the parking guy wasn’t as nice as the one last time we were there and refused to give me the discounted rate. Well, I wan’t about to budge. I asked Sue (sorry friend!) to run up and get it stamped.

Would I visit again? Most probably. But would I still be recommending this to my friends? Maybe, with an air of caution though.

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