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Pepper Lunch mania

March 24, 2009


A few months ago, whenever i’d do groceries or just happen to be wandering around Powerplant mall i’d see this long queue outside this new restaurant and it stoked my curiousity. Pepper Lunch: the name didn’t really suggest what kind of food they serve, but based on the AVP being played outside it’s a steak place. But wait.. they’re using chopsticks? And the VO and subtitles are Japanese? It was all very confusing.

Quite recently I was able to finally drag H to Pepper Steak in Rockwell. I had the Cut Steak (a la carte P270; with drinks and rice P345) while he had the Chicken Pepper Rice (a la carte P198; with drinks P235). We also decided to order some of the Kani Crab salad (which was good, i really liked it) which came in a cup.


So the waiter brought over our orders and mine was as raw as it gets over a hot plate, and the charm of the place is you grill it yourself. There was a siding of bean sprouts, green string beans and corn. My hot plate cooled off too fast though and I had to ask for another hot plate to fully cook my beef.

H’s food came in pre-cooked but still sizzling and the pepper rice was really peppery. It’s rice with a lot of pepper.. or pepper with a lot of rice..? However, you can request that they do away with the pepper if you can’t handle it. Anyhoo, like I said the charm if the place is it makes you feel like you’re playing with your food (like you were taught from an early age not to do) and it even comes with an instructional sheet around the plate.

Instructions on how to play with your food

Instructions on how to play with your food

Bottom line: I really liked my food even if it was quite basic, H was oh-kay with his. Catch: our bill came in at around 700++ which was, I must admit a bit too much for lunch for two, considering that you’re cooking your own food. Would I go back? Definitely. But this isn’t exactly a weekend treat.  More a payday treat.

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