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Gram’s Diner, Rockwell

March 9, 2009
Gram's eggs benedict (Photo courtesy of Pilya from Flickr)

Gram's eggs benedict (Photo courtesy of Pilya from Flickr)

There’s something comforting about eating out on a Sunday morning, it reminds me a lot about the trips we used to make when my Grandpa Gavino was still alive. Papa or Kuya Bong would get behind the wheel and drive Lola and Lolo and whoever else wanted to come along to McDonald’s in Don Anontio. I haven’t revisited that memory in a while, but now that I have I really miss it. It’s one of the nice childhood rituals that I had, the big red Ford in the morning, driving through Commonwealth in the soft morning sunlight, ordering pancakes, then walking along with Lola Saling to the small PX store in the corner to get some cans of Spam.

H and I walked out to Rockwell yesterday morning to meet Alex, Dale and Sonali for some breakfast at Gram’s Diner in Rockwell. It was bright and sunny outside and well, it was also bright and sunny inside Gram’s. I suppose a breakfast place wouldn’t be a proper breakfast place if it’s not bright and sunny. We got there just shortly past 10, and the trio were already there.

This is my second time eating at Gram’s, and I remember the first time I was also with H, and I ordered a Swiss Mushroom burger (or something), which was good, but didn’t really leave a lasting impression. I also remembered thinking it’s so bright in here, I felt like my eyebags were magnified ten times which left me feeling insecure under H’s gaze.  However the second time around, it was more pleasant because a) we were in a group so it had a familial feel to it and b) I had concealer under my eyes and light makeup on so I felt more sociable.

I ordered lemonade based on Sonali’s recommendation (P90), and it was great, seemed freshly squeezed but not too sour. They also have fruit shakes (H ordered mango P95) and Dale had the refillable iced tea. I decided to order their Patriotic Platter (P150), or traditional Filipino breakfast  (cheeky name). I had the longganisa served with fried rice, grilled tomato slices and fried egg (there are other choices for the meat, like tapa, etc.). I loved it, the longganisa was fabulous, not too salty and not too garlicky either, and fried just right. My patriotic meal was quite perfect. H and Dale ordered the eggs benedict (P225) while Sonali had the breakfast sampler and Alex got the plain sausage patties.

Breakfast sampler (photo c/o Hungrymoon of Flickr)

Breakfast sampler (photo c/o Hungrymoon of Flickr)

So yeah, overall I enjoyed my food, but I am not qualified to comment on the eggs benedict because I didn’t try it, only a bite of the potatoes on the side (tasty, a bit heavy on the flavor for breakfast). It’s a great place to catch up with friends, or maybe have a bit of weekend treat with family, but I think the place should be strictly for breakfast. I don’t know, maybe it’s the light, but I feel like it’s one of those places that just wouldn’t feel right any other time of the day.

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