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Good things, bad things

January 12, 2009

I don’t know if everybody experiences the euphoria that I go through whenever I make a great purchase or if i’m just a freak. More than being tickled pink (which is hard to accomplish given that i’m quite dark skinned) I stumble over my words while trying to spread the word, complete with flailing hands and numerous oh-my-gods. I think I can get annoying sometimes when I try my damnedest to convince the people around me to “TRY IT!!!”.

I would describe myself as 80% cheapskate and 18% indulgent and 2% decadent. I believe in bargains, probably more than I believe in confessions. Part of the thrill of sharing a great product conquest is announcing how low you got your purchase for. I think we have entered an era where you can proudly say Catherine Malandrino and ukay-ukay in one breath. I started on this hobby quite early, being a Baguio mite since I was in high school, circa 1997. Ukay back then was a closely guarded secret of mine, adapting a motto of don’t ask, don’t tell. It was heaven! I got my first taste of Armani, Bisou-Bisou and BCBGs in the gargantuan Bayanihan ukay in Baguio, and this was the cheapskate in me shining through, but my indulgent nature being nurtured. I might have gotten the clothes for 70 pesos, but the feeling of fine silk and airy crepe and the look of quality stichwork would define the way I will choose clothes as I grew older. Today, I sneer at seeing people who would pay over 400 pesos for a crappy-tacky Penshoppe (why do adults still shop in this place? And why do they proudly display the label? Its past its heyday people!) clothes, while I applaud people who could show me a nice plain white baby tee purchased for under 400 pesos.

I love my food as much as I love my clothes, so you could just imagine what a treat it is to find the perfect clothes for a perfect date on a perfect restaurant. I appreciate good meats, spices, condiments, bread… I could go on. I believe that true appreciation of good food spans a lot of levels, from appreciating the finest of wines to the smoothest of taho. I get equally excited about finding great Salami in a German deli in Makati and discovering a great stick of grilled large intestines (bilog) in a dodgy backstreet of Quezon City. There are so many little pleasures in life, and i’m sure a lot of people will agree with me when I say that making fabulous, quality purchases, be it cheap of expensive comprise a fair part of these intoxicating life experiences.

Good things are meant to be shared I say. I might run out of ears to listen to me rant, but I hope I will share these words with many, many eyes through this blog. May you discover the things that I have, and may you share the secrets you keep!

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  1. January 13, 2009 2:02 pm

    Hi Pop, like your writing style!


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