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Antonio’s Tagaytay


As we should have expected, the traffic was horrible going up to Tagaytay last Sunday. Seems everybody decided to have lunch there that day, so despite SLEX being clear, we still ended up spending 2.5 hours on the road crawling up.

On the agenda: Lunch at Antonio’s to be followed by a stay at 8 Suites by Fat Jimmy’s.  After flirting with the idea of dining at Antonio’s Tagaytay for the longest time, we were finally taking the plunge. (Mini-cheer) Yay! Heads were geting hot because of the traffic, and we were hoping that the food will be like a douse of cold water.

Antonio’s is located at the far end of Tagaytay coming from the Sta Rosa exit. You go past Starbucks, past the tacky PAGCOR crown, past Taal Vista and Mushroomburger. Once you see the British pub to the right, you’re quite near. There is a sign on the road for Antonio’s and Breakfast at Antonio’s on the right, going towards the residential area. You’re not lost, just go straight inside and follow the signs.

Finally we arrive and judging from the cars parked inside the gated compound, it was packed. We stepped inside the receiving area and I approached a waitress to let them know about the reservation (I reserved three days prior).

Thank goodness we were seated in the air conditioned part of the restaurant. As lovely as the view was in the open area, I was not too keen on the idea of dining outside in that heat. We were seated at the corner table with high-backed red plush chairs. We got the date table, sweet.

On the menu it said “set menu” including salad, soup, main and dessert, but only the mains had a price. H was asking “so what’s the price of the set menu?” and I said I thought the price for the mains was it. He went “noooo…”. Turns out I was right so we were really happy about that. It was, of course expensive, but that made it easier to digest.

Ok. Drinks, thats the only thing not included in the set. I ordered the refillable dalandan juice (200.00) while H had white wine (250.00). The dalandan juice was lovely and I was left with a carafe upon refill. My only comment is that it should be a little less sweet.

My lovely dalandan juice

For the mains, I decided on the Antonio’s Trio (1,900.00), which basically a sampler: Honey glazed lambloin gratinated with goat cheese, grilled pink peppered sea bass on boiled potatoes (saffron-kaffir sauce), beef fillet on plancha with black pepper sauce. H had the Minced duck breast & pork trotter on savoy cabbage with port wine reduction & mashed potatoes, with a side of mushrooms (1,650.00).

We started with the house salad which had berries and glazed walnuts (which I loved), but the arugula was too much for me. I just find the flavor too strong for me to consume the whole bunch. This was then followed by the creamy prawn bisque (which H couldn’t eat because of his allergy, which I think darling, is now mostly in your mind now).

House salad
Prawn bisque
Antonio’s Trio
Duck breast and pork trotter on savoy cabbage

After some time and a lengthy conversation, the mains arrived. I loved the whole of my dish but if I were to rank it, the lamb would get the star, followed by the sea bass, then the beef. The only thing was, I asked for my meat to be well-done but it was still pinkish. I don’t know if this is how they do well-done. If course our forks were going between plates, and H was really happy with his meal, although I wasn’t too crazy for it.

So that was satisfying, we were both happy with what each ordered. I liked that the sizes were manageable and not like poufy-filling because I would’ve hated wasting such good (and expensive) food. I had panna cotta for dessert, so creamy and smooth oh-lala, H had the dark chocolate souffle with cardamom creme anglaise. Rounded off with coffee, I was a satisfied woman.

Our bill came off at about 3,900, and while it was a lot by normal standards, H was saying “you know, this is not THAT expensive” considering that we had juice, wine, salad, soup, beautiful mains, dessert and coffee to boot. I say, it was expensive, but it was worth it and money well spent. They held our reservations even if we came in 1:30pm, service was great, location was great.

Before heading to the hotel we decided to have a stroll around the garden, it was a nice day indeed.

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  1. Abigale Sanchez permalink
    February 3, 2011 2:27 am

    can i have a reservation on Feb 15.for two?

    • sugarhigh37 permalink*
      February 5, 2011 4:40 am

      Iha did I in any way leave an impression that I’m a reservations officer for them?

      You can look online for their number.

  2. June 10, 2011 5:03 am

    LOL. Oh God that made me laugh.

  3. September 6, 2011 8:12 am

    Always wanted to try Antonio’s but I think I’ll reserve it for a special date. Mainly because it’s a wee bit expensive. 😀

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